Advanced Pranic Healing Course

While using Prana in healing is common in a few other healing modalities, the use of colours in pranic healing is unique to Pranic Healing.

The Advanced Pranic Healing devised by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS), is his very special gift to us devised from his many years of hard work. While it only takes new students two days to learn the techniques at the workshop, it took GMCKS close to a decade and sacrifice of his personal life to develop it.  

GMCKS made it simple to understand and learn, yet effective for healing ailments ranging from common ones like immunity system, respiratory system and skins; to chronic illnesses, involving major organs, tumors and cancers.

The properties and applications of the colour pranas in Pranic Healing were conceptualized, formulated and developed by GMCKS.  It is stated that no other modality has used advanced pranic healing or colour pranas in healing prior to GMCKS’s advanced pranic healing. 

GMCKS was healing about 10 to 20 patients almost every afternoon from Monday through Saturday over a period of 2 years to further validate Pranic Healing techniques for GMCKS’s Advanced Pranic Healing book.  As an estimate, there would be over 5000 patients in that period.  This explained the potency of over 180 healing protocols that were validated and presented in Advanced Pranic Healing book.


Learn Color pranas and chakral techniques are taught to produce very rapid healing such as blood cleansing technique, internal organ technique and to speed up healing for difficult ailments related to immune and defense system, skin disorders, respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal ailments, reproductive ailments, heart and circulatory ailments, skeletal and muscular disorders, urinary ailments, endocrine ailments, blood disorders, disorder of the brain and nervous system, tumors and cancer.


Speed up recovery from common ailments such as fever, cold, sore throat, fast relief from pain and burn, helps to lower high blood pressure, relieve pain from gout attack, cell regeneration, purifying the blood, strengthening the bone marrow and many more. Your overall physical, mental and emotional health improves including saving on medical fee and less anxiety.

(For greater details on how GMCKS developed Modern Pranic Healing, read book entitled “The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga”.)

2 Day workshop from 9am to 6.30pm.

Course Dates:

17 & 18 Aug 2019 (English/Chinese class)

Course fee $400 per person inclusive of vegetarian lunch, tea break, course material and worldwide recognized certificate.  Please register with us 7 days prior to course date for logistic purpose. We seek your understanding that we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.

Students can come back for class review at $50.


Our centre provides weekly practice session for our students to continue learning.

Pre-requisite: Completed Basic Pranic Healing Course

Register with us by:

1. SMS to 9711 9482

2. Email

Short intro on Advanced Pranic Healing by Master Co from Pranic Healing USA