Living a holistic lifestyle is a lot healthier than most styles of living. It basically means you're choosing to live your life and heal your body through natural remedies. People who live holistically often eat healthy foods, keep their mind and body active, and practice forms of stress relief such as yoga or meditation.

Everyone understands that their body, mind and soul are interconnected. What happens to one part of you will ultimately affect the other two parts as well.

About Holistic Lifestyle Workshop


In this 3hrs workshop, participants will learn:

  • Understand that our negative emotions and thoughts affects our health and relationship

  • Practice the Golden Rule to generate more positive energy

  • Reduce stress and experience calmness with twin hearts meditation

  • Experience seeing and feeling your own energy

  • Understand how energy medicine can help to balance the energy or qi in our system for maintenance of physical and psychological health

​Usual workshop price is $80


Energy scanning of your whole body from head to toes including your internal organs with non-invasive equipment to understand your health status and allow you to better manage your lifestyle to care for your body, mind and soul.

Usual price is $50 per scanning.

For a limited time offer, this workshop will be given at a special price of $60 per person.


Due to time spent for individual to do the scanning, this workshop will be conducted in small group size and each participant will be given a specific time to arrive at PHC for their personal scanning.

Upcoming workshop:

Date:  TBC

For inquiry, please contact 9711 9482 or email to contactus@phclinic.com

We can craft the holistic lifestyle workshop for corporate who wish to inculcate healthy living lifestyle to their employees as part of the company employee's recreational welfare. Talk to us!

** we reserve the right to reschedule the workshop due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.