Practiced in over 120 countries worldwide for 30 years

PHC Pranic Healing Clinic

PHC Pranic Healing Clinic was established in 2013 in gratitude to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS) for spending 20 years to devise a complete, easily understood, and effective energy healing modality that is paired with spiritual practices that can be adopted by any person who aspires to empower themselves to take charge of their health including that of their family members. And also to emulate GMCKS's works to bring Pranic Healing to the world and produce one Pranic Healer for every family.

PHC Pranic Healing Clinic is affiliated to World Pranic Healing Foundation, Institute for Inner Studies, Manila and Pranic Healing Foundation in Singapore. There are two other pranic healing centres in Singapore.


PHC Pranic Healing Clinic provides no-touch healing services, courses, workshop and meditation session.​

Pranic Healing System is an effective technique which can be easily applied and be part of your healthy living, lifestyle programs, natural wellness or as a technique to manage issues related to health, emotion, finance and relationship. 

Weekly Twin Hearts Meditation

A crowded mind creates endless thoughts and stress.  Learn how twin hearts meditation can lead us to inner peace, calmness, better health and good luck through blessing mother earth.

Every Wednesday from 7.15pm to 8.15pm (except public holidays).

We welcome all above 16 years old to join the session.

If you are new to twin hearts meditation, please register your interest by SMS to 9711 9482 with <MTH and date> <your name>.

Pranic Healing Experiential Session


Find out more on the systematic approach and benefits of pranic healing system and experience a short healing with our volunteers.

Every Wednesday from 6.20pm to 7.15pm (except public holidays and lunar full moon celebration).

Please register your interest by SMS to 9711 9482 with <PHE and date> <your name>.

Monthly Saturday Pranic Healing Experiential Session

This session is temporary unavailable.


Too busy on weekday to join our pranic healing intro and complimentary pranic healing experiential session? No worries, we organize one session on one Saturday of every month for busy executives to understand how pranic healing can help to relieve physical pain and stress or anxiety.  


Please register your interest by calling or SMS to 9711 9482 with <FHC and date> <your name>.


Full moon meditation with potluck session

11 September 2019, Wednesday

 7.30pm to 9.30pm

There will be no pranic healing intro session. Students and their friends are welcome to join Twin Hearts Meditation and follow by potluck session. If you are bringing food to share, please prepare vegetarian food. Thank you.

Our Courses

basic pranic healing course

Looking for alternative healing modality then you should learn pranic healing. Techniques taught helps to improve one's health, emotional well-being and relationships by learning about our energy body, energy centres (chakras) and their connection with our internal organs and more.

Every Wednesday night (except full moon meditation) is students practice session where you can continue to hone your healing skill, ask questions and interact with other pranic healers after 7.30pm meditation session.

Course dates: 

28 & 29 September 2019 (Sat/Sun)

般尼克疗愈法  基本班





advanced pranic healing course

Color pranas and chakral techniques are taught to produce very rapid healing such as blood cleansing technique, internal organ technique and to speed up healing for difficult ailments. The healing protocols given helps to lower high blood pressure, relieve pain from gout attack, cell regeneration, purifying the blood, strengthening the bone marrow and many more.

Course Dates:

17 & 18 Aug 2019 (English/Chinese)

般尼克疗愈法 - 高级班


- 使用色彩(频率)的光加速疗愈速度
- 运用高能量疗愈法治疗严重症状
- 净化血液及活络免疫系统的技巧
- 其他相关重要的能量疗愈技巧与方法



Children Are Our Future. We realise that the real future lies in the hands of our children. As parents we have to nurture and encourage our children to be positive thinkers, to be creative visionaries, to have independent minds, to have compassion and good self-esteem.

Physical well-being of kid can be affected by:

A) Lifestyle

B) Food

C) Emotions

D) Mental

Raising a happy and successful kid is not just base on how well they have done for examination but to encourage them to be more confident, to be less afraid of making mistakes, to be more optimistic so that the child can better overcome difficulties and able to manage his/her emotions more effectively.


Pranic Healing provides psychotherapy techniques to equip parents to help their children as they progress through the challenges of being a toddler, primary school age child, teenager and into adulthood. The parents will be able to calm tantrums, speed up recovery of common illness such as fever, toothache, cold, asthma; regulate extreme behaviors, ease the boyfriend/girlfriend blues, increase focus for study etc.

Character building module can be shared with children by parents after the class to encourage the children to practice proper virtues so that they can be more successful and happier in life. Join our pranic healing intro to learn more.