Energy Assessment

from head to toes and zoom into your organs information field

Curious about your body health status?

Energy scanning can provide the answer for you by doing a scan of the brain and central nervous system in under 10 mins. The  quantum physics device scan and evaluate the status of your health. It reveals areas of weakness and strength of the whole body system including the internal organs, your skeleton and muscular system. The process is safe and non-intrusive, there is no discomfort involved.

By understanding which internal organs require more attention, you can work on improving through exercise, diet or supplement and even through energy therapy.

We will provide a copy of 4 color images on the critical organs for your reference.

This is a special limited time offer.


Energy Exchange $40 per pax by cash at the door.

(usual price $50 per scanning)

By appointment only. 


Please contact us at 97119482 or email to to book your time slot for $40 energy assessment.

Energy field in living and non-living things

Semyon Davidovich Kirlian was a Russian inventor and researcher of Armenian descent, who along with his wife, Valentina Khrisanovna Kirlian, a teacher and journalist, discovered and developed Kirlian Photography in 1939.

Kirlian Photography is a process that uses pulsed high voltage frequencies & electron cascades to take pictures of usually invisible, radiating energy fields that surround us all. This discovery leads to other researchers and scientists to continue researching and to produce devices to capture energy field.